Doing Blog Commenting Post Penguin Can Still Be Rewarding

Offering remarks in online journals has been utilized as a SEO system for quite a while. The expectation has been to get back-connections to your site so as to raise Page Rank or potentially raise chosen watchword phrases for your site in web indexes. As a little something extra from this procedure you could likewise drive in direct rush hour gridlock, yet the fundamental reason for this SEO technique has consistently been about the connection you would return to your site.  If you somehow managed to glance around in SEO discussions about third party referencing, you would frequently observe individuals alluding to this system as one of the simpler methods of getting back-connections to your site. This sort of articulation shows that their SEO information is missing with respect to this specific SEO procedure. It is not what you do; it is the way you do it that is significant.

To utilize this blog remarking adequately for SEO purposes there is a whole other world to it than to simply post a remark in any blog, picked quality before amount. I have generally accepted and actualized this and after the Penguin update 2012 this is more genuine than any time in recent memory.

Do not under-gauge the blog research; it is a tedious, yet pivotal assignment.

To give you an image of how tedious it tends to be to discover only a couple of good SEO amicable sites: when I gather a rundown with 15,000 blog spaces, I will run them in a program which will show subtleties, for example, area PR, page PR and active connections, yet the most significant thing is that the program likewise demonstrates websites that are ‘do-follow’. From the rundown, around 200-600 will show ‘do-follow’, different a great many online journals all have the no follow tag. In any case, the program can just check for a portion of the specialized viewpoint, there is a whole other art blogs in 2020 to it than simply that, so now comes the tedious errand of physically checking them for models, for example,


  1. Is the blog still dynamic?
  2. As yet endorsing remarks?
  3. Is the active remark connects truly ‘do-follow’?
  4. is the remark region in Java provided that this is true; the connection would not be found by Google?
  5. Are there diverts on the connection?
  6. Has the blog been over-spammed?
  7. Does the blog have pages with Page Rank?
  8. Which necessities are expected to put a remark numerous sites require enrollment or membership?

After this has been checked I may have a rundown of 50-100 remaining that are acceptable to utilize, I do anyway have a rundown of sites that I have gathered throughout the most recent 4 years so I would just include around 15-40 new ones from an exploration of this volume.